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Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019

Contact us now for special show rates at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019. We have been filming at this event for the past six years and are now taking bookings for 2019.

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Do you like the idea of your video offering viewers direct links to your website, or allowing them to send you an email? Or perhaps you would like your viewers to be able to make a direct call from the video itself?

If so then you are going to be interested in VidyUPro, a brand new innovation in response video marketing and exclusive to us for the UK and Europe.


VidyUPro is a 'video container' that embeds 'Call to Action' buttons into your video thereby allowing viewers to directly respond via email,  visit your website as well as to be saved to the contacts are of their device.

If viewed via a mobile phone viewers can male direct calls to whatever number is embedded.


Using VidyUPro your video becomes easy to distribute through texts, emails and websites and is automatically served with social share options. 


You may already have videos or presentations made that can easily have 'Call to action' buttons added or you may be looking at how to offer something different to attract stand traffic for an exhibition, invites to a product launch or to follow up sales calls or even the next step in business cards. 


Click on the images below to see how it works.


Each license is £129+vat, lasts for 1 year and takes minutes to set up from a completed video and image.

For a small charge 'Call to Action' edits can be made to ensure your VidyUPro video is always up to date and licenses can be renewed for only £49+vat 


To make your videos truly interactive call Stuart on +44 (0) 7734 315 506 or email stuart@videobabymedia.com



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